30 Foot Conical Canopy
30 Foot Conical Canopy
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The 30 Foot Conical was developed in response to Pilot requests for an emergency canopy rated for higher exit weights and deployment speeds. Certified to FAA TSO C-23f, it is rated for exit weights up to 300 lbs and deployment speeds up to 175 knots. If you are a larger pilot, fly in high field elevation locations, or simply want to replace your current military surplus C-9 canopy, the 30 Foot Conical is a perfect fit.

30 Foot Conical Canopy comes with:

  • Canopy
  • Lines
  • Risers

TSO C-23f & TS-135


Canopy Shape Conical   Canopy Material 30-50 cfm (PIA-C-44378d)
Size (diameter) 30' 360° Turn Rate 7-8 sec
Number of Gores 26 Forward Speed 7 mph
Line Length 20' Opening Time 2 sec
Panels per Gore 5   Rate of Descent 21.1 fps @ 237 lbs (6.4 mps)
Suspension Line Material Braided Nylon   Canopy Weight Approx. 12 lbs
Suspension Line Strength 650 lbs   Maximum Weight 300 lbs (136 kg) @ 175 knots