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A Little History:

tlogoThe chronicle of tandem skydiving, like so many elements of our sport, began with the vision and enthusiasm of an experienced skydiver to try something new, and more significantly, to be able to share the thrill of freefall skydiving with someone else. It was 1977 and most parachutes in use were "rounds". Parachute technology was evolving but still far behind today's sophisticated equipment and procedures.

The skydiver took his wife as his first "Tandem Student," strapping her into the same harness with him for the experiment. Encouraged by the relative success, more jumps were made by other skydivers, even some with children strapped into their own separate harness and fastened to experienced jumper's harness.

Jump 5Intrigued by the possibilities of an actual training program centered on tandem skydiving, Ted Strong and Bill Morrissey began engineering the tandem concept into real equipment made specifically for tandem jumping.

The first Tandem Jump made on this newly engineered equipment was made in January, 1983 with Ted Strong as the tandem pilot and Ricky Meadows, an employee at Strong Enterprises, the "Student."

Two and a half years and hundreds of experimental tandem jumps resulted in tandem skydiving equipment and procedures reaching an acceptable level of feasibility and more importantly, safety. In the process, further development produced major equipment innovations and advancements. In 1987, US Patent #4,746,084 was issued to Strong Enterprises for this original and pioneering work on the major tandem concepts.

Commitment to development and innovation continues today. We at Strong Enterprises are constantly creating new and innovative products living up to the name "The parachute company with imagination"!

Today, almost one million tandem skydives are made each year, bringing the thrill of freefall skydiving to a vast and more diverse audience than ever before.