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PCStrong Enterprises has been manufacturing the Para-Cushion System since 1975. Each Para-Cushion system features the patented Pop-Top type container with externally mounted pilot chute. This provides a flat profile while worn and gives a quick and positive send off when released.

The canopy risers are neatly hidden in built-in channels contoured into the container. Each container is padded with a half inch layer of Confor foam. The harness utilizes a light weight fixed-dimension main lift web with individual leg strap design for ease of waling and maximum cockpit movement while saving weight and space. The chest strap and leg straps are fully adjustable. Deployment is ripcord actuated with the handle located at the front left side of the harness.

Each system is assembled with our popular 26 foot diameter Mid-Lite canopy freshly packed by an FAA licensed parachute rigger, meaning your parachute is ready for use as soon as it is delivered.

We recommend that you return your Para-Cushion to Strong Enterprises every 5 years for a factory repack. Two good reasons to do this: It allows us to perform standard updates to your system at no charge to you and to make certain you always have a current up to date parachute in your cockpit. We can check it over for wear and tear and provide any repairs that might be required.

Choosing a System

There are three different styles of Para-Cushions, Back, Seat, and Chair.

Back Models - The parachute container sits entirely on the back. These models are useful when there is limited head-room but ample room to move forward in the cockpit.

Seat Models - The parachute container is designed to be a seat cushion. These models are useful when there is ample head-room and limited forward movement.

Chair Models - The container is an extended seat that stretches from shoulder to just above the knees. This design flattens out the parachute making a very thin container.

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